Uplighting.  One of the best ways to completely transform a room from average to amazing.  There are many types of uplighting out in the events industry.  None of them are the same.  There are some that are, honestly, plain dangerous to have at any type of event.  Below you will see a short description of the different types that are commonly used, as well as the type that I use.  

Uplighting can make the most simple venue pop and a great venue even better. Anytime I walk into a reception that has uplighting I know I’m going to get gorgeous photos.
— Nate Crouch | Nate Crouch Photography


These are probably the worst of the worst.  They work off flood light bulbs and require a gel to be placed over the top to produce only one type of color.  Normally Blue, Red, Green or Purple.  There is no ability to have them chase, strobe or dance with the music.  In addition to the lack of functionality, they also get extremely HOT.  To the point of if you have small children, they could get burned.



The next step up from the classic par can is the LED par can.  They offer a little more flexibility when it comes to colors since they are comprised of hundreds of small LEDS.  Most commonly, the LEDS only produce Red, Green and Blue (RGB).  This gives a greater span of color options, but lacks in throwing capabilities (normally only about 10-15 feet) and pure colors like white or amber, which are both stand alone colors and can't be mixed with RGB.  Lastly, LED par cans don't get hot like classic par cans, but most are not battery powered, which means that an outlet will always need to be present in order for them to work.

Now onto my lights....


My lights are top of the line.  Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White and UV (ultraviolet/black light).  With those 6 colors, I am able to create any color in the spectrum and make your event come together perfectly.  These lights produce NO HEAT at all and all work off of extended batteries that can last longer than 20+ hours on a single charge!  In addition, I am able to control all the lights via iPad or Laptop, to make creative color schemes appear to your guests for First Dances, Special Moments and Open Dancing with wireless DMX (communications) to each light.  The throw of the light is well past 40-50 feet, and one of the most difficult, but beautiful places to uplight, the Indianapolis Public Library, is no trouble for my lights at all.  I promise, you will not find a more beautiful color or better way to uplight your event in Indianapolis.

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