Public Speaking

One thing that I love to do is be part of an event, with an organic and interactive crowd.  There is nothing like it.  To be able to work with a room and take that energy, and create an atmosphere that is memorable, is by far an amazing feeling.  With a background in Live Theater, training in Improvisational approach and radio, I bring more to your event than you could imagine for. 

I offer several types of Emcee and Moderation for your event, including, but not limited to...

  • Panel Moderation | Leading a panel of creators and guests for information, humor and excitement
  • Podcast Recording | Having co-hosted Geek Stuff off the Cuff, as well as creating and running Amalgam Podcast Network, I am comfortable in front of a mic, and behind it.
  • Conventions | Leading Q&As, Interactive Games and more, I can help make your next convention fun and memorable.  
  • Educational | I have been gifted with the chances to speak at schools and other educational faculties to talk more on following your dreams, how to interact with others, the professional side of fun and much more.  I am always willing to speak at local schools. 
  • Content Creation | Need some help with bringing an idea you have to life?  Let me know!  With over a decade in the performing arts field, I am more than able to help you get your ideas translated over all the new media types including YouTube, Podcasting, Internet Radio and more!
  • The Sky Is The Limit!

--- Recently Seen At ---

Wizard World Indianapolis
Indiana Comic Con
Indy PopCon
Midwest Toy Fest

and Many more!

Contact me today to schedule an appearance at your next upcoming event!

Jared Emceeing a recent event at The Crane Bay in Indianapolis

Jared hosting a local Game Show 2014

Jared co-hosting the Cosplay Contest at Indy PopCon 2015

Jared with Troy Baker at Indy Pop Con 2015

Jared Wade | Professional Event Host