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Wedding Investment Details

First of all, let me say congratulations on  your upcoming wedding!  
Secondly. I AM available for your big day!  I would be more than happy to speak with you in greater detail about what I do as a Professional Event Host, Master of Ceremonies and DJ.  You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for personalization, creative ideas, and fun because my service offerings go far beyond the music!  
After you read through this, let’s set a time to meet via a video chat, a phone call or at my office to discuss your big day in greater detail.

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Jennifer & Buddy Lowther

"PHENOMENAL!!! Book Jared Wade now, he is beyond worth it!

Jared was so, so much more than a DJ for our wedding. He provided guidance and feedback based on his experiences to make our wedding amazing. Jared's attention to detail during meetings and the getting to know us sessions (double date night-observing our interaction as a couple) helped create an event that was customized to us. When we were having trouble picking our reception entrance song Jared listened to our ideas, used his creativity with our uniqueness and was able to help us pick out the perfect song and perfectly memorable reception entrance. He made sure that we were at ease with plans.

Jared took the time to run through our ceremony multiple times to make us as comfortable as possible. You see, Jared married us too, he performed our ceremony. Again, Jared's attention to detail created our perfect wedding. He added wording and phrases specific to us. He even made my wording goof seem not so goofy. Not only did we love Jared, our family and friends did too. Throughout the reception many of our guests came up to us and asked how long we have know Jared. He fit in so well and knew us so well that it was like he was family. Jared took care of everything for us, including, detail to sound. His personal interest in sound equipment resulted in extremely high quality sound and music both indoor and outdoor throughout the event. He went above and communicated to all the vendors to make sure everyone was on the same page and made sure our timeline would be followed. During the wedding he mingled seamlessly with family and friends, kept the reception fun and everyone dancing, hit all my requests of a timeline and created the best night ever!!
Thank you Jared, for everything you did for us.

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What makes Jared Wade Entertainment different from everyone else?


1: Training

I take a great amount of time to learn, grow and educate myself in new trends and evolving myself as weddings evolve.  I do that through continual training online and in person, with in and out of state training.
Sometimes I am teaching, and sometimes I am the student, but I am always learning.


2: Planning

My cloud based planning suite is available to you from day 1.  You will be able to log in and start planning your big day from the get go, and you'll be able to do it from any phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or even through my official mobile app... available on Android and Apple devices.  This is just a tool though.  You will still gain access to me DIRECTLY, and not through an office manager because this is my full time career.  


3: Master of Ceremonies

Relax as your MC, me {smile}, with 14 years of experience and training, creates the magic of your reception by taking your guests through an evening of fun, creativity and personalization, all about YOU!  You also receive the best when it comes to having the right person behind the microphone.  I have created, and specialize in a Hosting and Communication style called Structured Conversationalism®.  It's a style that focuses on merging the audience and VIPs together in an engaging process.  What this does for you, is your guests feel more welcomed and want to stay longer.  What it does for them, is create a warm enviroment where, when they leave, they leave happy with positive things to  say about your wedding celebration!!

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4: Time

It sound silly to some, but most DJs glance over your wedding the day before, or even the morning of.  Not me.  I dedicate 30-40 hours of planning and preparation time to make sure that everything I am taking care of is perfect and ready for you and your guests.  This time is on TOP of the hours your hire me for.  
It takes time to write those scripts and love stories my friend.  To do it right that is. :-)


Laura & Daniel

"Jared was amazing for our wedding! He is way more than a DJ. He is an DJ, entertainer, and wedding facilitator. He was very communicative when in the wedding planning stages. He provided guidance when it came to the timeline of our day and advice when we were stuck coming up with ideas for certain things. Then on the actual day, he coordinated with our caterer, photographer, videographer, to make sure everything ran smoothly and let my husband and I just enjoy our day and not be interrupted. He incorporated a version of "The Newlywed Game" for us to play that was so much fun. We received so many compliments from our guests about him. I cannot recommend him enough. If he is available, book him."

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Invest IN Your Guests


Reception Services

- Indiana's ONLY Structured Conversationalist®
- Full Time Wedding Entertainer and Service Provider
- Jared Wade will be your DJ and Master of Ceremonies for the evening!
- Up to 5 Hours of Reception Service playtime
- 1 Wireless microphone for Toasts and Speeches
- 1 Professional Sound system for dancing
- LED Pure Coverage® Basic Light Show (your photographers will love it!)
- Complete access to Jared through Text, Video, Calls and Email
- Unlimited Planning meetings with an average of around 3 before the wedding
- Online Client Suite to help you with your logistical planning needs
- Online Guest Request Suite for your friends and families to request songs
- All set up and tear down is included


Photo: Sarah & Rachel

Below are some additional add on services that I offer.


Ceremony Services

- 1 Hour of playtime service for the Ceremony
- 3 Wireless microphones (Officiant, Groom, Reader)
- 1 Professional Sound board with Professional Speaker
- Custom music selections chosen by you for your wedding
- Custom Prelude & Postlude music


Ceremony Rehearsal service is available at no additional cost IF the date is not booked. If you would like to reserve Jared for Ceremony Rehearsal services ONLY, there would be an additional $250 charge for blocking out a second date.


LED Battery Powered Uplighting

LED Up lights appropriate to the room size and your desired color(s), also with the ability to change colors during open dancing. Completely wireless, battery powered, able to be place nearly anywhere. In additional to being wireless and battery powered, they are also able to be controlled wirelessly from the DJ station so if desired they can be changed from color to color from throughout the event, and even placed in a fun party mode once dancing begins to fully bring the dance to all the guests! More information on my wireless deluxe uplighting can be found at http://jaredwadeentertainment.com/uplighting/

12 for $550*

24 for $750*


LED Monogram

The LED Projected Monogram can be completed in either color or white text. The monogram can also be upgraded to a moving monogram for only $50 more! LED Source means little to no heat! Complete design and specifications of the monogram are custom made for your event and 2 modifications are included for free, additional modifications are $50 per change. Find out more about my monograms at http://jaredwadeentertainment.com/monograms/

$275 (Static)

$375* (Motion)


LED Pinspots

LED Pin Spots that are battery powered and can be mounted ALMOST anywhere. Not available in all venues. Pricing is event based, and not per light. LED Source means little to no heat! Find out more about my pinspots at http://jaredwadeentertainment.com/pin-spotting/

Starts at $500* (pricing depends on Venue and Set up requirements)

Photo: Bob Ridge @ IndyVisual

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Cocktail Hour Speaker

Sometimes additional speakers are needed to fill the spaces where Cocktail Hour will be held at. This isn't a problem at all for my QSC K8® Speakers! They have a wide dispersion that allows for a large group to clearly hear them, even when they are far away. This is the same brand and type of speaker that I use for my Ceremonies, and receive nothing but kind compliments about the sound! I can bring as many that are needed, but normally for a Cocktail Hour, 1-2 are normally more than enough. I will also bring a small MP3 player loaded up with your style of music choice for everyone to listen to.

- 1 QSC K8® Speaker (or) 1 LD Systems Maui 5 Go
- 1 Speaker Stand + Cabling
- 1 MP3 Player/iPod/iPad with music
- All set up and tear down is included

$175.00* (per speaker)


Micro System

This system is more advanced than the regular Cocktail Hour Speaker but not quite a full fledged dancing system. The Micro System is designed for areas and room where Cocktail Hour and Dinner Hour are located in a room separate from the Reception Hall or Ceremony Site. A few venues that require this system are the Omni Severin Hotel and Canal 337 in Indianapolis Indiana.

- 1 QSC K8® Speaker
- 1 Speaker Stand + Cabling
- 1 MP3 Player/iPod/iPad with music
- 2 Professional Grade Handheld Wireless Microphones
- A Professional Grade mixer
- Low Footprint Design to not intrude in photos (see photo for example)
- All set up and tear down is included

$350.00* (per system)


Rehearsal Dinner Service

The Rehearsal Dinner Service brings together 3 elements for your enjoyment

1: Ceremony Rehearsal
2: Rehearsal Entertainment
3: Recap For Bridal Party

All three of these elements are highly encouraged for all weddings. Also, this is your pre-party for your wedding! Wouldn't you prefer to sit back, relax, laugh and actually ENJOY your friends and family? Rehearsal Dinner services are by far one of the most asked about, and most enjoyed out of all my offered services. More information on Rehearsal Dinner Services can be found at http://jaredwadeentertainment.com/rehearsal-dinner/

$1000 - if Wedding Services are not booked through Jared Wade Entertainment

$750 - if Wedding Services are booked through Jared Wade Entertainment (additional $250 discount if you have already reserved Jared Wade Entertainment for the Ceremony Rehearsal as listed above)

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Selfie Photo Booth

Can be used at your Rehearsal Dinner, Cocktail Hour or even Reception!
The JWE Selfie Photo Booth is a small footprint photo booth that sends either a 3 photo collage, GIF or Boomerang to your guests via Email, Text or Airdrop! All the fun of capturing moments at your event and being able to share them online, without the need for strips or low quality images that can be lost!

- 1 attendant to make sure that everything keeps working properly
- Small selection of props
- Complete digital copies of all photos and videos
- Customized interface and templates for the booth/photos/gifs/boomerangs
- Customized LEDS to match your events color and vision

$450 for 2 Hours* (every hour after is $100 per hour)

Add On Options For JWE Selfie Photo Booth
Green Screen Background - $150.00
Upgraded Background (non-green screen) - $175.00
Upgraded selection of props (larger selection and more fun!) - $150.00


Sara & Joshua Gainey

"DJ or Wedding -Coordinator?!
My husband, I and all of our family LOVED Jared!

Not only is he very well organized, caring, comforting and on TOP of all he's doing, he pretty much gave us more "help along the way", when it came to planning our big day, as the people from our wedding venue did!

We'd recommend Jared as a professional DJ
and Person!

You can not afford, not to afford him!"

How to Book

When you complete and sign your digital contract, at the same time, you submit your non-refundable retainer of $500 of the total amount due, This can be in the form of cash, check, credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal.  The remaining balance is not due until 2 weeks prior to your celebration!  If you are ready to move forward with the booking process, make sure to complete the DETAILED CONNECT FORM, or by clicking the button below, and it will ask all the needed questions in order to put the contract together.

  • *All pricing shown is base rate. Additional costs could be included for elements like additional labor, earlier than normal set up, later than normal tear down, outdoor event charges or if your event date falls on a National Holiday to name a few. Once your contract is completed and signed, your rates will not change.

  • *Pricing shown above is never locked in until a contract is signed and a retainer is placed.

  • *Pricing can be changed at any time, so locking in rates is always encouraged.

  • *Pricing listed above are the current rates for service. No screenshots will be accepted as "quotes".

  • *This information page updates weekly with new details, photos and pricing options.

  • *All travel is included for Venues within 50 miles of the Jared Wade Entertainment office, if venue is further than 50 miles, additional fees will be applied to total cost.