I am excited to finally announce that I will be starting Google Apps Training in 2015!  Below you will be the modular lay out for the different levels.  There will also be three different tiers for the size of your business as well as your group size.  

  • Single, designed for 1 person, who owns a company, wanting to make changes and learn the Google Path for their own usage.  This will also apply for those looking for one-on-one teaching and walk through. 
  • Group, which will consist of a class room style of up to 8 persons from different businesses, wanting to focus on the same modular together.
  • Business, that will focus on me coming to their place of work, and teaching a class directly for their employees.  This can have a class size larger than Group.

To help keep things simple, I have created and developed a few different Modules that will combine 2 services that I feel fit well together in a teaching atmosphere, as well as allowing enough time to learn all that is needed from that course. Not all modules will have a 201 or 301 if I didn't feel that there was enough to justify them.  Before you can sign up for a 201 or 301 class, you must complete either the previous module OR complete a simple confirmation survey showing you know the basics that will be covered in the previous class.  Simply click on the 101, 201 or 301 button below, and complete the contact form it directs you to to start your journey on becoming a Google Master!


Gmail + Google Calendar Module

Google Drive + Hangouts Module

Google Maps + YouTube Module

Admin + Google Groups Module




1 Person | One on One Style

0 - 1 Modules = $250 each
2 - 5 Modules = $225 each
6 - 9 Modules = $200 each


2-8 Persons | Classroom Style

1 - 4 Persons in Class = $125 per Module
5 - 6 Persons in Class = $115 per Module
7 - 8 Persons in Class = $100 per Module


In Office | Your Office | Your Business Apps

Please contact me directly to get more information on pricing and availability.


I have tried to make pricing as simple and straight forward as possible.  The class size will be limited to 8 people, so that I am able to offer detailed attention to everyone.  Each class will be 2 hours, with a break in the middle.  I prefer to NOT do more than two Modules with the same group on the same day, there is a lot that is covered, and I want to make sure that all information is stored in fresh and rested minds.  Training location will be determined upon the location of the participants.  I prefer to keep folks close to home, and travel low for the masses.