5 Tips For Choosing Grand Entrance Music

It's official! The ceremony is complete, you're happily married, the pictures have been taken, and now it's time to get the party started. You're about to walk in to your reception...what are you playing? Your grand entrance music will be an indicator to your guests for what they can expect the rest of the night, so give them something to get excited about! Follow these 5 tips when you're choosing your entrance song, and your guests will definitely get pumped up!

1. Find a song that has a recognizable beat.

Songs that people know are popular for a reason. You want this song to get your guests excited to enjoy the reception. Find something that fits your personality but also connects with your guests.


2. Try to use an instrumental version.

It's harder for guests to understand the master of ceremonies if they're too busy singing the lyrics of the song. Don't make your DJ have to compete with the vocals.

3. Two songs is enough.

Having a different song for each bridal member is VERY mid 2000s. One song for your bridal party and one for you is perfect!


4. Bring the energy.

Even if you are introverted, high energy songs will get you and your guests excited for the party, and faster songs will connect better with guests.

5. Practice makes perfect.

Make sure your DJ has time to practice with your song selections so that introductions are perfect and go smoothly when it's time.

Jared Wade

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