Venue Spotlight: The Indianapolis Public Library

It's safe to say that wedding venues have come a long way over the years. Though churches still make for great venues, it's no longer the common normality to get married in one. Wedding venues have opened up in every size, shape, and form, and it's no wonder why couples have no trouble find something different and unique.

If you're searching for an interesting place to tie the knot in Indy, look no further. Ever been to The Indianapolis Public Library? Sure, there are thousands of books, hundreds of computers, and plenty of students working on their research paper, but did you know it makes for an awesome wedding venue? Check out my interview with The Library below!

Photo | Megan W Photography

Photo | Megan W Photography

What makes the Library stand out as a wedding venue?

I love that we have a mix of old and new spaces. The Simon Reading Room, which was the original Library, was built in 1917. The Atrium was built during the renovations that were completed in 2007. Having a mix of historic and modern spaces makes our venue appealing to a wide range of clients. We also have a garden which is a beautiful option for those wanting an outdoor wedding.

Photo | Nathaniel Edmunds

Photo | Nathaniel Edmunds

What are offerings that the Library has that most other venues don't?

As far as being a downtown venue, I think it is very rare that we have an outdoor space with a guaranteed indoor back-up plan. It takes away the stress of worrying about the weather on wedding day, which is very relieving for brides + grooms. We also include parking in our underground garage and guests can leave their cars here overnight – that’s pretty unheard of for a downtown venue! Also, we will set up any décor a client brings in (centerpieces, favors, etc.). We understand that we have a smaller window of time for set up since we are open to the public until 5pm, so we are more than happy to do this for our clients. We allow clients to bring in all of their wedding items to us a few days ahead of time and will take care of all set up on the day of the wedding.


When researching wedding professionals, what do you recommend a bride do first?

When a client begins their search for vendors, I send them a list of vendors who we know and trust to do a great job, as well as offer my opinion on any vendors they have in mind.


What is a favorite memory from a wedding you had at the Library?

During a ceremony, one of my recent brides collected a flower from each person sitting in an aisle chair as she was walking down the aisle. She did this as a way for her guests to feel included in the ceremony. It was a really sweet gesture and she used the flowers as her bouquet.


Where in the Library is your favorite location for photos to be taken?

The East Garden and Simon Reading Room are both my favorite! There’s just something about a bride + groom’s first look in a garden. The wooden bookshelves in the Simon Reading Room make for great pictures as well.


If you're interested in having your wedding at The Library you can find their website here: or call 317-275-4200.

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