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New Year, New Gig Vlog, New Tie... well, not really.  

And the first wedding of this said year was... AMAZING!  Angela and Zachary were some of the coolest people I have met.  Very laid back, and literally wanted to make sure that everyone had a great time.  We took a wonderful interactive approach with the Reception, by taking the traditional "Clanking of the Glass" and put a few spins on it.  Feel free to reach out to me to get more information on that, sadly, I wasn't able to get any video of it because they were so quick, however I know that the awesome duo of Stefanie & Brock from SB Childs Photography grabbed some photos of what all went down.  The dancing portion of the night was a BLAST!!  Not only was Angela & Zachary out on the floor almost the entire night, but their friends and families were dancing the night away!!  Normally, I use the audio from the actual event, but my audio recorders batteries died, and I didn't know.  No worries though, one of the big hits of the night was Smash Mouth's "All Star" (whose rights I do not own), so I figured that would be a great song to throw on this Gig Vlog!  Big thanks to the Skyline Club Indianapolis for being so helpful all night long!  One of the coolest things was seeing not one, but TWO past couples that I was able to Host/DJ for at Angela & Zachary's Wedding Reception!  Ellen & Bryan Berman (9/27/2014) and Allyssa & Denny Mullen (9/21/2013)... sadly this was before I was taking the End Of Night Shots).  This is one, of many reasons, why I love being an Indianapolis Wedding DJ!!  :-)

Provided: DJ and Emcee Services for Reception, Full Skyline Club Uplighting, Wireless Speaker

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Venue | Skyline Club Indianapolis - http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Skyline-Club-Indianapolis
Photographer | SB Childs Photography - http://sbchildsphotography.com/

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#ProfessionalEventHost #EndOfNightShot #IndyWedProfs

#ProfessionalEventHost #EndOfNightShot #IndyWedProfs

Ellen & Bryan Berman

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