Anna & Max Loposser | August 16th 2014

You all have to understand something.  Parties are meant for everyone.  Not just the older crowd, or the younger, the kids or just the parents, but EVERYONE.  Anna and Max knew that going into their amazing wedding and reception this past Saturday out at Purgatory Gold Club in Noblesville Indiana.  

During the planning, they wanted to make sure that everyone was having a GREAT time, and from the looks behind the table, they did.  The ceremony went off without a hitch, dinner from Purgatory was amazing due to Samantha and her team, toasts from not only the Maid of Honor and Best man, but also Anna's father were perfect.  There wasn't a moment of the evening that felt dragged on, too long, or not fun.  That was all due to Anna & Max preparing and working with me, one on one, in making sure that from the moment guests arrive until the moment they were taken outside for the sparkler send off, was full of excitement!  Gotta give props to Kelly Applegate Photography with his assistant Meg (NOT Mag!) for doing a great job all evening long!  The photos below are not his, because Kelly's are going to be MUCH better!  :-)

Thanks again Anna & Max, and can't wait to catch up with you when you get back from your honeymoon!  :-)  #LoposserWedding

Jared Wade

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