5 Little Things To Enjoy During Wedding Planning

Most couples get engaged and for some odd, and sad reason, they feel that the planning process is going to kill them.  This is so far from the truth, it's actually quite funny.  Is there a lot that you have to do to get ready for the big day?  Yes, but it is extremely important to enjoy the little things while planning.  Most couples don't.  Here are just a few ways to enjoy the planning process together.


1: Choosing Your Cake:  Sounds simple enough right?  Do you know great you have it?  Going around and meeting with some of the best dessert chefs, to find the cake that is perfect for you both?  Talk about this part being SWEET!  (yes, horrible pun intended)  Enjoy this time meeting and eating cakes from The Cakehole to Cakes By Cathy and many many more!


2: Assigning Helpers: There are few times in your life that people will come to you and ask "what can I do to help you"... and honestly mean it.  These family members, friends and Wedding Professionals mean it.  When you need help, even if it is something super small, it's OK to ask for it.  Enjoy taking the time to send that email to them asking them to help you with whatever you need.  It's totally OK, and it helps you not get stressed out. 


3: Be Selfish... To A Point: This one will probably be the hardest for some... and the easiest for others!  This is YOUR day.  Not your moms, not your cousins, not your DJs... Yours.  Make sure that every part of the wedding is part of you.  Doing that means that you have to be selfish to a degree.  If you don't like something, don't be afraid to say "No", it's alright.  It's refreshing to be able to have the final choice without the concern of having someone else try to talk you out of it.  Be assertive, direct and selfish... and enjoy it!


4: Music Selection: This is one of the most under appreciated events of the planning process.  The music that is played at your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception reflects who you are.  Take a night, go on a date, and talk about your favorite songs.  Talk about those songs that you remember listening to together on your first date.  Your input creates your soundtrack for your wedding.

brown bag date night.jpg

5: Remember Why You're Getting Married: Just because you popped the big question, doesn't mean that you get a free ride from this point forward.  Take your future Bride out for dinner, to the movies, a walk in the park.  It's important to take time to look away from the planning, and look at each other.  These don't have to be massively planned Ultra Dates, simple things like a lunch at the office or a Saturday bike ride down at the Indianapolis Canal will do quite nicely.  So, plan a night out once every other week or so, and don't talk about the wedding, just talk about each other. 

These are just a few ideas, think outside the box and don't allow your wedding to rule you.  That is where stress, fatigue and anger muster and evolve.  This is your day, enjoy it and the days leading up to it, because if you do, you'll have happy memories forever!   -- Jared Wade

Jared Wade

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