Jessica & James Ray | November 9th 2013

If there was one word that could sum up Jessica & James, it would have to be "incredibly detailed in knowing exactly what they want".  Granted that isn't 1 word... it's more like 8... but you get my point.  Jessica knew what she wanted in a host and how they wanted their evening to sound.  I say that because they had a very unique and different approach.  No slow music and VERY different background music for Cocktail Hour and Dinner.  Was I disappointed?  Not at all!  I loved listening to certain selections that I don't get to listen to often, and when the time came to open the dance floor, those two were out there just as much, if not more, than their guests, family and friends... who, by the way, were awesome!!  Thanks so much to The Alexander Hotel for an amazing dinner experience and just overall great team members!!

Venue: The Alexander

Jared Wade

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